Custom Curtains Sunshine Coast


Transform a room, frame a window and brighten a space. The Sewing Project on the Sunshine Coast will help you find your individual look and style.

There is so much more to curtaining - do you need to consider privacy, are you overlooked? Reduce the sunlight, glare and heat in a room. Adjust the light by using a double track.

Have a new house needing window treatments or do you just need a new look?

Clever use of curtaining can help you achieve everything you need. We have a vast array of fabrics to choose from and can advise you on the best heading to suit your room and needs.

White Curtain — Alteration in Noosaville, QLD

popular curtain headings include -


Reverse Pleat -
Provides structure in neat and simple and has a contemporary feel.
Triple Pleat - 3 evenly spaced triple pleats, beautiful fullness, traditional look and versatile.
Double Pinch Pleat -
2 evenly spaced double pleats, less fullness but still versatile with a traditional look.
Gathered Pencil Pleat -
Unstructured, soft and informal.

Wave /S Fold -
Continuous wave fold, sleek and modern appearance, very neat stack back.
Fabrics play an important role in the look you want to achieve -

Sheers - Sunshine Coast lifestyles suits the light and airy feel that Sheer Curtains provide. They can be used on their own or with a loose fitting lining or a lining on a seperate track.

Triple Weave - Can be used to darken even the brightest room, available in many soft drapes, can be used on their own or as a lining.

Blockouts - The ultimate in light black out. Provides total privacy, light control and absorbs sounds.

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The Sewing Project works with homeowners, business owners, and interior designers to create beautiful Custom Curtains.

We can even give your existing window treatments a makeover.

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